Become a TopFan and live unique and exclusive experiences with your favorite musicians exclusive experiences with your favorite musicians, both in person and virtually.

Join the TopStars community to support the music careers of your favorite artists and get prizes and rewards for doing so.

To be part of a different, innovative community that feels music as a way of life.

Participation is totally free!

Give your votes to the best emerging artists of the international scene

Fan Club of Topstars

What does it mean to be a TopFan?

Communication with Artists

Become a member of the Fan Club and communicate directly with the musicians.

Exclusive Events

Attend events and performances exclusive events and performances of our artists, both online and offline.


To be able to participate in the APP and platform to win prizes and more points to vote for your favorite artists.

Training and Airdrop

Access our training on what blockchain is and achieve financial rewards in the form of Airdrops.

Get FanStars

By registering in the APP you will be awarded a FanStar, which will allow you to vote for the song you like the most each month in the contest of The Topstars 100.

Unlock great advantages and benefits by getting more FanStars. 

You can even get NFTs of your favorite artists in the contest for free.

Get Free TOPS tokens

We put at your disposal a short and simple training that will make you open your eyes and want to be a holder of our innovative project and many others that will change the world.

Every fan has the possibility to take a free training on Blockchain and TopStars, fans who complete all the training will be rewarded with an Airdrop, i.e. you will be given TOPS tokens with real value in the market.

Would you like to become a holder and earn passive income?

The first step is to join our community

Start on the road to financial returns today while supporting and meeting your favorite musicians.

FAQ (frequent questions)

For downloading and registering in the TopStars APP, totally free, you are entitled to 1 vote.

FanStars are points you get for performing actions within the APP, the more FanStars you get the more rights you will accumulate, which you can redeem for, extra votes, unique experiences with the artists, some rights associated with the NFT Level 1 and many other advantages to come.

You do not need to have any knowledge in blockchain technology. You can participate in the chats, in all the activities, vote in the contest, etc., without interacting with the blockchain.

However, there will be a space with a small blockchain training for fans who want to take the step and learn, but this is optional.

Yes, although we recommend that if you do not have basic knowledge, you should complete the training tasks first.
In addition to acquiring the necessary knowledge, you will receive an airdrop TOPS (free tokens) for completing all the tasks, so you will be a holder without having to make any purchase.

You will have unique rights to everything your favorite artist performs.
In addition, by purchasing an NFT in the contest, you will be assigned the votes corresponding to the artist that represents the NFT, so your vote has much more weight during the contest.

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