What are Artist+?

They are digital collectibles created by music artists to reward and live unique experiences with their most unconditional fans.

The music industry is changing, artists and fans interact with each other directly, without intermediaries.  

With the Artist+ collections, the musical trajectory of an artist from birth to the top is democratized, giving the control of his career back to the musician and the power of success to the fan.

What privileges does an Artist+ have?

Belonging to an Exclusive Group

Be a member of a very limited and exclusive group of followers.
The real FANS!

Living Unique Experiences

Can you imagine your name on your artist’s next song or appearing in their music video or a follow on TikTok? That and much more…

Support your Artist

Be part of your favorite artist’s career, helping him or her grow to reach the top of the music scene. 

Artist+ Experiences


This is the process of launching an Artist+ collection of a new artist.

All Artist+ collections have the same rarities:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

And the same units (supply) per rarity.

The artists decide the mintage price and the first use of each rarity.

Example of Prices and Uses in Minting


After the minting, artists will continually make use of their Artist+ with actions (Events) of all kinds, with exclusive access to the Artist+ fan owners assigned to each experience.

What happens if a fan owner cannot attend an experience?
He can assign the right to another fan, renting it only for that particular 


When an Artist creates a new use for their Artist+ :

  • Fan owners can:
    • Make use of the Artist+
    • Rent (charge) the Artist+
    • Sell the Artist+
  • Non-owner Fans who want to enjoy that use can:
    • Rent (pay) the Artist+
    • Buy the Artist+

Non-owner fans can make rental and purchase offers, which will be notified to all owners.

Fan owners may accept the offer to rent or sell their Artist+ at their discretion.

Events Panel (Display for Fan Owner)

Do you want to live the Artist+ experience?

Join the list of fans whose way of understanding and enjoying life is through music.

FAQ (frequent questions)

Do I have to be physically close to the artist I buy Artist+ from?

Not necessarily.

The artist can create in-person and virtual events.

If you can’t attend the face-to-face ones you can rent your Artist+.

If I rent my Artist+ to another fan, can I attend the event?


When you make a rental of your Artist+, you keep the property, but you assign the right of use for the event assigned to the rental.

When the event is over, you will regain the right of use for the following events.

How will I know if the artist I have an Artist+ for creates a new event?

Each time an artist creates a new event, all of their followers and the owners of the Artist+ assigned to the event are notified.

For example: 

If Artist X creates a virtual meetup for Artist+ Platinum, all 30 of the Artist’s Platinum owners will be notified. In addition users following the artist will also be notified, in case they wish to make a rental or purchase offer to the owners.

Notifications can be on mobile from the APP, web platform or email. Depending on the configuration of each user.

What is the rarity of Artist+?

Within a single Artist+ collection there are 6 types of collectibles.

They are differentiated by the number of units of each type, which we call rarity.

The 5 rarities of the Artist+:

Bronze -> 1.000 units
Silver -> 250 units
Gold -> 50 units
Platinum -> 10 units
Diamond -> 1 unit

How many Artist+ of the same artist can I buy?

There is no limit, you can own as many Artist+ as you wish, of the same rarity, from the same artist, as well as from other artists.

Does Artist+ have an expiration date or any limitation of use?



The Artist+ that are your property, you can use them as many times as you wish. They have no expiration date or maximum number of uses.

I am a big fan of an artist and I want to have several Artist+ of his, what is better to buy several Artist+ of the same rarity or of different rarities?

Each fan has their own collecting strategy. 

Even so, we understand that it is better to have several rarities in order to enjoy more events with the artist.

Are digital collectibles (Artist+) NFT?

Indeed. This guarantees the authenticity of each piece, being unique, irreplaceable and unalterable. Giving the owner an exclusive product.

Do I need to know anything about blockchain to join this community?

You do not need to have any knowledge of blockchain technology. 

Are you an Artist?

Order your free Artist+ collection and reward your most supportive fans.

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