Get visibility, a legion of fans and enough resources to be able to dedicate 100% of your time to your music.

All you need to do is choose 6 of your best songs and participate in “The TopStars 100” contest.

Making a name for yourself in the music world is complicated.
Or maybe it is no longer?

If you want:


Make yourself known to the general public at an international level


Gain a large number of followers and interact with them


A passive source of income for life


A team of industry professionals to advise you


The TopStars platform is your opportunity to achieve all of this.


A contest created to become a springboard, at international level, for emerging artists.

How does it work? 

Professional Preselection

A professional jury selects 200 artists from among all those who apply.

Community Selection

And the TopStars community with their votes chooses the 100 participants.

Editions and Duration

There is one edition of the contest every year and it lasts 6 months.

Songs by Artist

Each month the artist participates with a different song, 6 songs in total.

What do I receive for participating in the contest? 

You will be the focus of an intense promotional campaign in specialized and traditional media internationally and on platforms such as Spotify.

You will receive financial rewards every month, just for participating.
The more votes, the greater the reward.

6 different types of NFTs with your image will be created for you. And from each sale, you will get a percentage. (Passive income forever)

If you are one of the top vote-getters, TopStars will give you the opportunity to perform live, during and after the contest.

If you become the final winner (the one who accumulates the most votes during the 6 months of the contest), in addition to a financial reward, your prize will consist of:

  • Recording an album

  • Recording a video clip

  • Performing at a major venue, festival or as the opening act for an established artist

  • Professional Manager

  • Mentoring

And after the contest?

Interact directly with your fans and create events and performances both in real life and in the metaverse.

Artists will have a panel where they can create actions and events with the possibility of limiting access depending on the type of NFT.

In this way, artists will give real uses to their NFTs and the public will need to purchase them to enjoy the event created by their artist.

TopStars, will guide the artists with different possibilities to create their events and uses for their NFT and the artist will be the one to decide, the events he/she wants to perform, the limitation according to Fan or Holder, date, place, etc.

In addition, its use does not involve any cost for the artist.

Meet in petit comité with your biggest fans

Create a performance in the metaverse and invite whomever you like

Reward your fans with a private concert

Organize an event with several artists in the real world or in the metaverse

Create exclusive experiences for buyers of your NFTs

Whether or not you participate in “The TopStars 100″…

Join a community that grows every day and whose way of understanding and enjoying life is through music.

Create your own space within the platform and promote your work

Network with other artists and create synergies

Take advantage of artists and create synergies with discounts on our partners’ services.

Enjoy all the advantages of being part of this community

FAQ (frequent questions)

Have a song of your own authorship, both the lyrics and the music must have been written by you.  

Any formation can participate in the contest, from soloists, groups, choirs, etc.

In any language

The Fans for free, depending on their TopStars level, have 1 or more votes. Holders with the purchase of NFTs and also with their TOPS tokens.

No. The interaction of the artist with the blockchain is minimal, at that time the TopStars team will accompany each artist in what they need. You don't have to worry about anything.

No. You only have to assign the rights to use your image to create the NFTs.

Thanks to them, you will acquire royalty rights for each sale of your NFTs, forever.

No. All expenses are paid by TopStars, you only have to worry about giving your all.

No. Fans will have their own free space where they can follow you and participate in the contest with their votes.

Rewards are obtained based on different variables, we cannot guarantee a specific amount. Our estimate would be a minimum of $15,000 per artist, for 6-month contests.

The TOPS token transfer proceeds are distributed on a monthly basis. 

At the end of the contest, the proceeds from the sale of NFTs are distributed.

No, just once. We want to give this opportunity to as many artists as possible.

Of course, artists will have their space to promote their work and discounts on services from our partners, among many other benefits.

Don't worry, you will be able to register in the following editions and in the meantime you can take advantage of the advantages and benefits of being part of our community and gaining visibility.

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